sally bourke

Hugo Michell Gallery Open: Sally Bourke| Narelle Autio

Hugo Michell Gallery invites you to the opening of Sally Bourke’s ‘The Quick Brown Fox’ and Narelle Autio’s ‘around a golden sun’.

Sally Bourke is a Newcastle-based artist with a firm footing in painting. An obsessive maker, Bourke has a … Continued

Sally Bourke joins Hugo Michell Gallery as a Represented Artist

Hugo Michell Gallery welcomes the addition of Sally Bourke to our represented artists!

Sally Bourke is a Newcastle based artist with a firm footing in painting, incorporating a range of techniques producing incredibly profound outcomes. An obsessive maker, Bourke has … Continued

Hugo Michell Gallery Open: Richard Lewer | Sally Bourke

History of Australia’ and Sally Bourke’s ‘Tall Tales and True’.

“Over the last few years I’ve read, researched, listened to oral histories, travelled extensively, and interviewed many people, all with the aim of immersing myself in Australia and Australian culture. … Continued