New Colour Works

Murray Cod

2016 Internal Weather

Internal Weather

William Mackinnon presents Internal Weather, a series of new paintings examining abiding themes of home, coastal Australia, and journeys physical and psychological. These large-scale works, with their bold compositions and manipulations of paint, deserve contemplation in the … Continued

Pepai Jangala Carroll



Statement | New Works

Christensen is known for her intelligent approach to practice, making innovative connections across painted materials and methodologies. In ‘New Works’ for example, source material is placed directly onto the canvas, which she contrasts with meticulous painted … Continued

2012 Hugo Michell Gallery Solo Show

Ballet School

Not of this Earth

2016 Red, White and Blue

Nadine Christensen

The Seventh Wave

Selected Works

2016 H2O: Water Bar, Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sydney

2010 Signals and Decoys

2010 Hugo Michell Gallery Group Show

James Darling & Lesley Forwood

2008 Hugo Michell Gallery Opening

2016 Art Stage Singapore

James Dodd

2015 Spectre Folk

Spectre Folk

The work of Spectre Folk dwells upon relics from Australia’s settler past using age-old embroidery and textile methods in order to invoke the many ghosts and untold histories we live with but do not always openly acknowledge. The … Continued

Justine Varga

2017 Dream Machines, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

Tony Garifalakis