Justine Varga  2010 29 Palms

Unfamiliar Works,  Justine Varga.

Justine has come into a town 29 Palms and set her camera on things that only an outsider may notice. An empty pool at night with it’s surface disturbed by a slight wind, the aperture of the camera set so that it creates a quality of light that does not seem real, it is as if painted. In another an ordinary patterned brick wall has the shadow of a cat walking along the top and then disappearing to elsewhere. Both have the quietness and sort of unacquainted quality that one sometimes feels when you enter a space where you feel you may have been but cannot remember when.

Noel McKenna, 29th August 2010


29 Palms

I have been reading a lot of Sam Shepherd, it is as though he has scripted the whole area. I hope that I have been able to capture some of that. I have been asked a number of times why am I videoing and taking photos? And it kind of stumps me every time but I still can’t help myself.

I am quite fatigued at this point, wake, yoga, shower, eat, coffee, read Sam Shepherd, and then out into it for the rest of the day. Down Twenty-nine Palms or the Memorial. (My exposed hands are brown as brown I can see them brown against the white keyboard.) I act out this ritual each day as the days roll one into the next. It feels like the one day never ending. It would be so easy to loose track of time out here if you really wanted to. Same cloudless sky big everything has its place and nothing moves. Unless you wake to the wind, if you wake to the wind it will be windy for the day. It is a mad wind that comes at you from all directions, gets into your brain and rattles you from in there. After being in it for a day your head becomes like a broken egg shell I get a crazed look in my eye and the world comes at me in muffled tones.

Not working in a studio.

An email to Peter, Joshua Tree, 29th April 2010