James Dodd  2022 10 Green Bottles

“Dodd’s acrylic paintings explore the tension between the vibrancy of colours and stillness of meditation. The broad colour palettes evoke an emotional response…

…The meditative nature of each piece is enhanced by subtle, circular applications of paint across the canvas – the visual representation of a meditative hum. Dodd’s use of a mechanical device allows for satisfying replication of the rhythm of circles, and this feeling of precision is heightened by the inclusion of paint splashes and bleeding colours elsewhere on the canvas – imperfect nuances that reflect the wildness of the colours.

Details such as brush strokes, shimmers of metallic paint or slivers of unpainted canvas can only be seen up close, but standing back from these pieces gives a contrasting perspective that invokes imagery of meditative landscapes in the natural world.”

By Michelle Wakim for InDaily. 

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