Artist Statement

Kate Just’s Anonymous was a woman is an ongoing work that involves the repetitive production of hand knitted panels (16 x 16 inch) bearing the text ‘Anonymous was a woman.’ It began while Just was on residency at … Continued

2021 Time Feeling Slippy

Artist Statement

I’ve been building a world in my mind for a long time now. Playing around… Some curious drifting.

Sometimes I feel like a well-resourced professional child when it comes to play.

I like to zoom right out and … Continued

2021 Scum Suite

As the relationship between art and design becomes increasingly complicated and the flattening of creative languages means their signposts are more difficult to identify, the proximity between their shared systems offers potential to both. The clarity of design’s communicative voice … Continued

2021 Richard’s Disasters, a true story

A friend once told me I dine out on other people’s misery.

They were referring to some of the more unusual or extreme interviews and immersive research I’ve undertaken when starting a new body of work.
I have told the … Continued

2021 Place In Between: The Changelings

“And though you beckon and play, we will not stay here long. We will snatch back the child who trusts too far to your song.”

Judith Wright

Excerpt: Seven Songs from a Journey; VI Sea-Beach


Disappearing into deep water … Continued

Selected works

2020 A space between walls

Artist Statement

My practice is informed by ideas of place, and the ways in which experiences and memories shape our perspective of a site. Everyday observations that could be easily overlooked or forgotten are remembered and expressed in paint using … Continued

Clara Adolphs

2020 Pigeon

Simply titled ‘Pigeon’, this striking public commission sits in good company close to Bert Flugelman’s ‘Spheres’ and Lyndon Dadswell’s ‘Progress.’

‘Pigeon’ is the world’s first large-scale, permanent public artwork of the internationally omnipresent bird. It is also Paul’s first major … Continued

2020 Settlement and the Gatekeepers

Artist Statement

Settlement and the Gatekeepers is a suite of new works using painted metal and photography that expand upon previous iterations of Settlement 2016 investigating the aesthetics and personalities found in domestic interiors and access to the Australian dream … Continued

2018 Remembering Words, Goulburn Regional Gallery

As a figurative painter, Adolphs uses photographs randomly collected from books, flea markets and vintage newspaper articles. She references her sources directly yet through her process of repainting found images, develops a loose and fresh narrative on her subjects. This … Continued

2020 In Between Days

Selected Works

2020 Contour 556

It’s a readymade canvas both epic and contained. An Australian flag, clearly a little worse for wear. It’s huge – large enough to have once flown above Parliament House in Canberra, the very epicentre of the political nation. This gives … Continued

2018 How I Will Change, RMIT, Project Space

2019 From China with Love

What does love have to do with it?

By Sophia Cai

One of the truisms that we are told about love is that absence makes the heart grow fonder, that distance from our dear ones makes us love them even … Continued

2020 Learning to love the wind

In 2018 Mackinnon was injured in a surfing accident, which meant he had to change the way he painted in order to produce his large-scale canvases. This injury, followed by pandemic-induced lockdown, may have tested his mettle, however he has … Continued

2020 Late Last Night

Artist Statement

It all feels like a bad dream.

I began making this exhibition towards the end of 2019. And I didn’t want to make a body of work about the descending dark age of nationalism, the nightmare of environmental … Continued

Narelle Autio

2020 Animal Kingdom

Paul Sloan’s Animal Kingdom (2020) measures the beauty, absurdity and looming threat of the animal world using the slide rules of grayscale, hermeticism, and anthropomorphic projection. A cat emerges from inky darkness. A long-tailed tit stares at the viewer, poised … Continued

2020 Pleasures Against Nature, RMIT Intersect

Pleasures Against Nature –  13 March to 19 March 2020

Encounter a new site-specific installation from one of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists, Paul Yore. Taking its title from an expression found in 18th and 19th century discourses condemning gay … Continued

2020 Titled

2020 Classy, Bayside Gallery

Classy –  14 March to 10 May, 2020

Melbourne-based artist Fiona McMonagle is well-known for her watercolours that probe the darker side of pedestrian life in the suburbs.

Featuring watercolour, oil painting and video works that span the last decade … Continued

2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres

Artist Statement

Stories of metamorphosis and hybridity, the bastions of the monstrous, have permeated my work in various ways for many years. I am fascinated by the notion of transformation and that critical point at which a bodily change takes … Continued