2018 Beyond Reason, QUT

2017 TARNANTHI, Art Gallery of South Australia

2018 Things are perfect for now

2018 The Lucky Country?

2018 From Will to Form, TarraWarra Biennial

Narelle Autio

2018 Tactile Site

2018 Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia

Better known by the nom de guerre Ghostpatrol, David Booth first entered his ‘other place’ growing up in Hobart in the 1980s. Feeling geographically isolated, he set about constructing a universe of his mind’s making. Through drawings, paintings and sculpture, … Continued

2018 Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe

Artist Statement

It was a cloudless, high-summer’s day when Lesley and I, following the neighbouring farmer’s instructions, found our way in the ute to the edge of Lake Hawdon South, two ranges inland from the coast of South Australia between … Continued

2018 Moment In Time

Sally Bourke

2018 Miller

The Summation of Force

2018 Tall Tales and True

2018 The History of Australia

Selected Works



“The dead by the road, or on it, testify to the presence of man. Their little gestures of pain—paws, wings and tails—are the saddest, the loneliest, most forlorn postures of the dead I can imagine. When we have stopped … Continued

Basil Sellers Works

To the Sea

To the Sea – Trent Parke and Narelle Autio

Australia floats like a good looking stain in the middle of an ocean of blue. For the most part we who live here have chosen to live around its shores, close … Continued

2017 Art Gallery of New South Wales

Water hole

Water hole

Water hole a new exhibition by Narelle Autio continues to display the artists vibrant and award-winning images of Australian coastal life that have won her impressive national and international acclaim.  Her latest body of work was completed while … Continued

2017 Phytophilia

2017 If it keeps on raining the levee’s gonna break

2017 Blinding by the light

Blinding by the light

‘The denial of contingency is not simply an issue of aesthetics and visual order, but a much wider one of social control and cultural cleansing.’

‘Tree’ and ‘Trees’

‘In … repressing the sense of homelessness that … Continued