2019 Dazzleland

2013 Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria

2019 The DNA of Colour, Orange Regional Gallery

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2019 Both Ways

2019 After Nature, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Narelle Autio

2019 Defining Place/Space: Contemporary Photography from Australia, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego

2019 Areola

The Fragile Border

 … the fragile border … where identities (subject/object, etc) do not exist or only barely so – double, fuzzy, heterogeneous, animal, metamorphosed, altered, abject.[i]                             –   Julia Kristeva

Convention leads us to believe that the photographic border … Continued

2019 The National: New Australian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Tony Garifalakis | by Macushla Robinson, 2019

In my grandmother’s house there was a corkboard to which she affixed photographs. She never took any of them down, and gradually the board became a crowded collage of decades past – old … Continued

2018 Beyond Reason, QUT

2017 TARNANTHI, Art Gallery of South Australia

2018 Things are perfect for now

2018 The Lucky Country?

2019 Just Not Australian, Artspace Sydney

2018 Fusuma

Justine Varga on Fusuma

The panels that comprise Fusuma derive from a single cameraless exposure of a 10 x 8 inch negative. This exposure was made while I was resident in London. It was there that I was briefed about … Continued

2018 Tactile Site

2018 Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia

Better known by the nom de guerre Ghostpatrol, David Booth first entered his ‘other place’ growing up in Hobart in the 1980s. Feeling geographically isolated, he set about constructing a universe of his mind’s making. Through drawings, paintings and sculpture, … Continued

2018 Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe

Artist Statement

It was a cloudless, high-summer’s day when Lesley and I, following the neighbouring farmer’s instructions, found our way in the ute to the edge of Lake Hawdon South, two ranges inland from the coast of South Australia between … Continued

2018 Moment In Time

2019 Going Round in Squares, Ararat Gallery TAMA

Sally Bourke

2018 Miller

2018 From Will to Form, TarraWarra Biennial

2018 Tall Tales and True