2017 Photogenic Drawing

2017 If it keeps on raining the levee’s gonna break

2017 Blinding by the light

Blinding by the light

‘The denial of contingency is not simply an issue of aesthetics and visual order, but a much wider one of social control and cultural cleansing.’

‘Tree’ and ‘Trees’

‘In … repressing the sense of homelessness that … Continued

2017 The Sunshine Suite

2017 The Sunshine Suite

2017 Skins

2017 Domestic Arts, ACE Open

The Summation of Force

2017 The Summation of Force

2017 Thoughts and Prayers

2017 Drift Time

David Booth [Ghostpatrol] – Drift Time

In David Booth’s Drift Time we travel through an indeterminate space; a series of memories, premonitions and alternate worlds. Our guiding protagonists are a representation of Booth himself under various guises, and with them … Continued

2016 Silver and Salt, Hazelhurst Gallery

2016 Frágil, Cuenco Biennale Ecuador

Our lives with Plants

The lives of plants form such huge overwhelming mass of systems into which we are totally interwoven and dependant for our own lives. Their biochemical intelligence is possibly the secret to our survival on the planet. … Continued

2016 WW1 Avenue of Honour, Australian War Memorial

The Ballarat Avenue of Honour

At 22 kilometres the Ballarat Avenue of Honour is the longest avenue of honour in Australia and one of the earliest known memorial avenues to have been planted in Victoria during the First World War. … Continued

2016 The World Is As You Are, Hamilton Gallery

2016 The Underlying, The 56th Belgrade October Salon

The Underlying, The 56th Belgrade October Salon: The Pleasure of Love

Curated by David Elliott

The 56th October Salon in Belgrade, The Pleasure of Love: Transient Emotion in Contemporary Art will featured Janet Laurence alongside fellow Australian artist Tracy Moffatt. … Continued

2016 Memoire


Made without a camera and over extended periods, my photographs embody a particular intersection of time and place, offering an autobiographical witnessing of the world, a memoire, rather than mere acts of representation. These photographs come into being as … Continued

2016 Settlement

‘everyone works but the vacant lot’

Melinda Rackham – October 2016

A voyeur of sorts, Elvis Richardson savours the intimacies of others, collecting and curating imagery from public repositories to explore emotionally and politically charged narratives.

Previously she has purchased … Continued


2016 Moon Dune

Moon Dune

Amy Joy Watson examines the human propensity for imagining different and better worlds from a highly personal and idiosyncratic point of view. Eccentric objects and environments such as sparkling clams with gobstoppers for pearls and helium balloon flying … Continued

2016 Illusions of History

Illusions of History

These works are the result of reckoning Australian colonial histories, particularly those parts of pasts which are challenging, ambiguous, genealogically linked, and reveal documented histories to be a more complex tangle than is otherwise acknowledged. Together these … Continued

Narelle Autio

2016 Illusions of History


2016 Basil Sellers Art Prize, Ian Potter Museum of Art