2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Free/State


Artist Text Bradley Vincent

Wong’s works examine the almost-complete corporatisation of many veins of spirituality and their takeover by the churning world of late capitalism, where they are subsumed into a landscape awash with self-help books, mindfulness centres and … Continued

2022 Purple Haze

Artist Statement

Purple haze is an ongoing investigation into acts of ritual, spiritual intent and mediated spaces within domestic settings. Purple Haze adapts interior design strategies to sculptural forms to make them into functional objects in which the viewer can … Continued

2021 Neon

2018 Born to give not to get

Artist Statement

Born to give not to get examines the commodification of the spiritual self through high performing branding and prescriptive spiritual accessories such as yoga, activewear and affirmative phrases. The installation sits inside an ‘interior’, referencing gym equipment and … Continued


Artist Statement

Quiet of day has been made in response to a feeling. Each work draws from a specific moment where I experienced a sense of letting go, of calm rushing over me, of exhaling out the day and breathing … Continued


Artist Statement

PROTEST SIGNS are a series of intensively produced, hand-knitted pictures of protest signs mounted on canvas and wooden boards. Each picture or sign forms a knitted homage to a real image of protest the artist has collected on … Continued

2022 10 Green Bottles

“Dodd’s acrylic paintings explore the tension between the vibrancy of colours and stillness of meditation. The broad colour palettes evoke an emotional response…

…The meditative nature of each piece is enhanced by subtle, circular applications of paint across the canvas … Continued

2022 Tempest

“A tempestuous noise of thunder and lightning heard.”
– Act 1, Scene 1, The Tempest, William Shakespeare, 1607-1611

Sally Bourke’s Tempest is about love, loss and weathering the storm. In the same way that Shakespeare plunged his audiences into the … Continued

2021 An Expanse of Eons

Sera Waters: An Expanse of Eons

An Expanse of Eons is a seven-metre by five-and-a-half-metre ‘floorpaper’, created specifically for the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre foyer by South Australian artist Sera Waters. Across her practice, Waters uses traditional craft and home-making … Continued

2021 Masque

Archives of Becoming: Justine Varga’s Masque – Kirsty Baker

I am a disquieted archive… A thing made up of infinite, intractable traces. (i)

– Julietta Singh

Hand-scratched with looping scrawls of drawn line, smeared by painterly gesture, flecked with negative … Continued

2021 The Cleansing


Arnhem Land is a big place. Because it is remote and still Aboriginal land, most people have trouble visualising what kind of place this is.

Europeans settled in the parts of the country that most closely matched their experience … Continued

2022 That’s Bunny

‘That’s Bunny’ by Sangeeta Sandrasegar

The rabbit, the bunny, in America has a sexual meaning; and I chose it because it’s a fresh animal, shy, vivacious, jumping – sexy. First it smells you then it escapes, then it comes back, Continued

2021 Eucalyptusdom


Since colonial times, tales involving Eucalypts have become knotted within the tumultuous tangles of Australian history. Like the trees, historical narratives have been trimmed, lopped, and made productive for a national identity and economy. Eucalypts were co-opted into settler … Continued

2021 Shadow Boxer

It has produced many books, songs, paintings and films.

What is it about the fight that speaks to artists through the ages and why do some contemporary artists respond so vividly to its grit, history and contest?

Shadow Boxer will … Continued

2022 Wet from a moonlight swim

‘Wet from a moonlight swim’ by Belinda Howden

Having feet is correlated with walking, but I can walk on my hands if I want to…[1]

Sam Gold’s fingertips trace the cliffs of Hallett Cove. Step by step, mark by … Continued

2021 One Eye Open

To keep one’s eye open suggests a limited view; like the crinkled eye as it struggles towards wakefulness.

Drawn from Clara Adolphs vast archive of vintage photographs, this body of work turns its solitary eye to the individual. Adolphs figures … Continued

2021 Low Pressure System

James Dodd and Henry Jock Walker are excited to present a suite of recent artworks.

Low Pressure System brings together a collection of ongoing investigations and will include a new teamwork exploration.  Whilst having shared many art adventures together, this … Continued

2021 Specks

Artist Statement

I imagine the atmosphere of now is full of specks; specks of the past, specks of data, specks of living matter, specks of stuff. Specks link to others to make threads, then tangles, then whole interconnected networks, that … Continued

2021 Primavera

Sam Gold’s most ambitious body of work to date consists of ten ceramic sculptures of stoneware, porcelain, raku, and terracotta. Each challenged the artist in both scale and material; compounded by lockdowns and intermittent studio access, the works reflect this … Continued


Artist Statement

Kate Just’s Anonymous was a woman is an ongoing work that involves the repetitive production of hand knitted panels (16 x 16 inch) bearing the text ‘Anonymous was a woman.’ It began while Just was on residency at … Continued

2021 Time Feeling Slippy

Artist Statement

I’ve been building a world in my mind for a long time now. Playing around… Some curious drifting.

Sometimes I feel like a well-resourced professional child when it comes to play.

I like to zoom right out and … Continued

2021 Scum Suite

As the relationship between art and design becomes increasingly complicated and the flattening of creative languages means their signposts are more difficult to identify, the proximity between their shared systems offers potential to both. The clarity of design’s communicative voice … Continued

2021 Richard’s Disasters, a true story

A friend once told me I dine out on other people’s misery.

They were referring to some of the more unusual or extreme interviews and immersive research I’ve undertaken when starting a new body of work.
I have told the … Continued

Clara Adolphs