Janet Laurence in ‘Anthropocene’, the Fine Art Society, London

From 17-27 November, Janet Laurence presents Anthropocene with Scottish artist Angela Palmer at the Fine Art Society in London.

Anthropocene (from the Greek anthropo – ‘man’, and cene –‘new’) is the name used to denote the proposed new geological era due to supersede the current Holocene epoch as a formal scientific recognition of the prevailing and irrevocable impact of human life on earth. 

Both Laurence and Palmer share an interest in the changing face of the environment and humanity’s effect on the planet and will present, shown alongside each other for the first time, works reflecting this ever-present issue. 

1447776758Coral Collapse III

Image: Janet Laurence, Homeopathy #3Coral Collapse, 2015, from Reef Resuscitation, Kodak metallic type C photographic paper, processed in RA-4 chemistry, 129 x 90 x 5 cm.