Archibald and Wynne Prize FINALISTS

Congratulations to Richard Lewer who has been selected as a finalist in the Archibald Prize 2017 AND to William Mackinnon who is a finalist in the Wynn Prize 2017!

Richard Lewer FINALIST in Archibald Prize 2017

Elizabeth Laverty and her late husband Colin were among the first art collectors to travel the country and stay in remote Aboriginal communities, to visit the art centres, and to meet the artists whose work they were falling in love with.
Over several decades, they built one of Australia’s best collections of Indigenous Australian contemporary art and worked tirelessly to raise money for community health and recreational facilities.

“I didn’t know any of this when I first met Liz, a year after Colin’s death. Prompted by my animation depicting a tragic love story about an elderly couple, we launched into a long conversation about life, love, and death. It was easy to feel an instant rapport with Liz – a fellow red-head – because she is a warm, passionate, humble woman,” says Richard Lewer.
“I remember when I asked Liz if I could paint her portrait, her first response was, “Why would you want to paint me, what have I done?””

Exhibition runs at the Art Gallery of New South Wales from July 29 to October 22. Winner announced on the evening of July 28.

Image: Richard Lewer, ‘Liz Laverty’, 2017, oil on epoxy-coated steel, 110 x 110 cm.


William Mackinnon FINALIST in Wynne Prize 2017

“I call my work psychological landscapes. In a way, the roads and houses are always something more than just roads and houses. The cracks, drains, shadows rips, and glitter are stand-ins for emotional states, or symbolic of greater themes of life.
I am interested in communicating what it feels like to be in our world in this time. The more personal I seem to make my paintings, the more they connect with others.”

The 2017 Wynne Prize, for the best landscape painting of Australian scenery or figure sculpture, will be awarded on the evening of July 28. Exhibition runs at the Art Gallery of New South Wales from July 29 to October 22.

Image: William Mackinnon, ‘Landscape as self-portrait’, 2017, acrylic, oil, and enamel on canvas, 190 x 163 cm.