Grant Parke preview

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Grant Parke – Every Person on the B10 Bus

Artist Statement

I first started these drawings sometime in 2015. I’d moved to Adelaide not long before and was spending a lot of time on public transport, more specifically the B10 bus. I wanted to make use of this time for something constructive. It was never supposed to be anything more than practice and didn’t look likely to be anything more given the rocky nature of bus travel. I chose drawing for two reasons. One, I didn’t know anyone in Adelaide and was desperate to feel some connection with people and two, I’d become scared of drawing. The first reason has been a theme throughout many years of work and the drive for even making it in the first place, trying to find something human in humans. Something beyond the surface. That is why all my subjects were observed without their knowledge. I was looking for an unguarded moment that revealed something of their nature. To inform people or ask permission would immediately see a front or mask put forward.

I never got names, but if any of these people happen to be reading this while viewing the show, hello again and thank you.