2021 Exhibitions

Melbourne Art Fair – Richard Lewer

Honor Freeman

2020 Exhibitions

Paul Yore – Crown Of Thorns

Clara Adolphs – In Between Days

Nadine Christensen, Katrina Dobbs, Bill Hawkins – Outside Painting

Download: Outside Painting – Catalogue

In Through Your Window – By Laura Skerlj

In her 1987 novella-cum-painting-meditation titled f, German-born artist Jutta Koether wrote: “When you make art, you’re often asked: ‘What’s art doing?’ But never what the things are … Continued

Daniel Emma – PAK-UH-JING

Download: PAK UH JING – Catalogue

Adelaide design duo Daniel Emma (Daniel To and Emma Aiston) present PAK-UH-JING, a selection of study models exploring an interest in the packaging of everyday items, relating to foods, travel, loved ones, personal childhoods, … Continued

New Collectors – Narelle Autio, Sally Bourke, Gerwyn Davies, Eliza Gosse, Bridie Gillman, Rob Howe, Amy Joy Watson & Andy Nowell

New Collectors – Online Exhibition


Fiona McMonagle – Titled

Jahnne Pasco-White – becoming-with (reconfigured)

Lucas Grogan

Paul Sloan

William Mackinnon

Pip Ryan

Marc Etherington

Pepai Jangala Carroll

Elvis Richardson

Bridie Gillman

2019 Exhibitions

Justine Varga – Areola

Kate Just – From China With Love

What does love have to do with it?

By Sophia Cai

One of the truisms that we are told about love is that absence makes the heart grow fonder, that distance from our dear ones makes us love them even … Continued

Ildiko Kovacs – Both Ways

Gerry Wedd – Pot Songs