2021 Exhibitions

Narelle Autio – The Place In Between: The Changelings

Richard Lewer – Richard’s Disasters, a true story

Honor Freeman

Tony Garifalakis

David Booth [Ghostpatrol]

Ildiko Kovacs

Sera Waters

2020 Exhibitions

Paul Yore – Crown Of Thorns

Gippsland-based artist Paul Yore’s solo exhibition ‘Crown of Thorns’ brings together new textiles, assemblages and collages, continuing the artist’s decade-long personal and candid investigation into the intersection of religion, sex, politics and popular culture. Taking its title from a passage … Continued

Clara Adolphs – In Between Days

Nadine Christensen, Katrina Dobbs, Bill Hawkins – Outside Painting

In Through Your Window – By Laura Skerlj

In her 1987 novella-cum-painting-meditation titled f, German-born artist Jutta Koether wrote: “When you make art, you’re often asked: ‘What’s art doing?’ But never what the things are doing that make art.”[i]Continued

Daniel Emma – PAK-UH-JING

Adelaide design duo Daniel Emma (Daniel To and Emma Aiston) present PAK-UH-JING, a selection of study models exploring an interest in the packaging of everyday items, relating to foods, travel, loved ones, personal childhoods, and general nostalgia.

Within each of … Continued

New Collectors – Narelle Autio, Sally Bourke, Gerwyn Davies, Eliza Gosse, Bridie Gillman, Rob Howe, Amy Joy Watson & Andy Nowell

‘New Collectors’ provides an accessible and exciting opportunity to introduce a fresh audience to collecting contemporary art. The exhibition features work from eight of Australia’s leading and emerging artists who will present works priced between $650 and $3,300.

Featuring: Narelle … Continued

Plan B – Sally Bourke, James Dodd, Tony Garifalakis, Lucas Grogan, Rob Howe, Ildiko Kovacs, Trent Parke, Justine Varga, Sera Waters, Amy Joy Watson

Fiona McMonagle – Titled

Commonly referred to as The culture of the people, Popular culture (also mass culture and pop culture) is defined as based on the tastes of ordinary people rather than an educated elite. Though the complexities of such a wide-reaching … Continued

Jahnne Pasco-White – becoming-with (reconfigured)

becoming-with (reconfigured) draws upon works made whilst a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary in Melbourne, and later shown at Gertrude Glasshouse in November 2019.

For the artist, to think and act ecologically implies an interconnectedness, in one form or another. … Continued

Lucas Grogan – Late Last Night

It all feels like a bad dream.

I began making this exhibition towards the end of 2019. And I didn’t want to make a body of work about the descending dark age of nationalism, the nightmare of environmental destruction and … Continued

Paul Sloan – Animal Kingdom

Paul Sloan’s Animal Kingdom (2020) measures the beauty, absurdity and looming threat of the animal world using the slide rules of grayscale, hermeticism, and anthropomorphic projection. A cat emerges from inky darkness. A long-tailed tit stares at the viewer, poised … Continued

William Mackinnon – Learning to love the wind

In 2018 Mackinnon was injured in a surfing accident, which meant he had to change the way he painted in order to produce his large-scale canvases. This injury, followed by pandemic-induced lockdown, may have tested his mettle, however he has … Continued

Pip Ryan – Flesh Creepers

Flesh Creepers is a new series of works that started whilst on residency at Bundanon Trust in November 2019 and has continued throughout the pandemic. Both Bundanon and the lockdown are spaces that are isolated, one in the landscape and … Continued

Marc Etherington – Cave Paintings

‘Cave Paintings’ is about how since moving to Canada a year and a half ago, I have been feeling isolated and missing my family and friends. It’s hard starting off in a new country. I’ve found solace is listening to … Continued

Pepai Jangala Carroll – Ngayulu ngaranyi nyaratja (I was standing there)

Elvis Richardson – Settlement and the Gatekeepers

Artist Statement

Settlement and the Gatekeepers is a suite of new works using painted metal and photography that expand upon previous iterations of Settlement 2016 investigating the aesthetics and personalities found in domestic interiors and access to the Australian dream … Continued