2018 Exhibitions

Richard Lewer – The History of Australia

James Dodd – Miller

Sally Bourke – Tall Tales and True

Lisa Roet – Moment In Time

Nawurapu Wunuŋmurra – Mokuy

Emmaline Zanelli – Looks Like A Fish, Tastes Like A Lizard

James Darling and Lesley Forwood – Living Rocks

Sue Kneebone – Spurious Natures

Tim Sterling – Tactile Site

Word – Abdul Abdullah, Roy Ananda, Brook Andrew, Narelle Autio, David Booth [Ghostpatrol], Jon Campbell, James Dodd, Will French, Tony Garifalakis, Lucas Grogan, Kate Just, Anastasia Klose, Sue Kneebone, Alice Lang, Richard Lewer, Sophia Nuske, Nana Ohnesorge, Philjames, Kenny Pittock, Toby Pola, Tom Polo, Elvis Richardson, Derek Sargent, Paul Sloan, Sera Waters, Gerry Wedd, Min Wong and Paul Yore

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists – We use our Kapurta (heads) for looking after things

William Mackinnon – The Lucky Country?

Min Wong

Celebrating 10 years of Hugo Michell Gallery

2017 Exhibitions

David Booth [Ghostpatrol] – Drift Time

Lisa Roet – Skins

Paul Yore – Obscene

Will French – Au Wop Bop A Loo Bop A Wop Bam Boom!

Jon Campbell, Nadine Christensen, Tony Garifalakis, Richard Lewer, Rob McHaffie & Fiona McMonagle – The Sunshine Suite

Yarrenyty Arltere Artists – Creature Collection

Lucas Grogan – Thoughts & Prayers

Tia Ansell, Matt Arbuckle, Gabriel Curtin & Curated by Richard Lewer – South, North to Indented Head