2021 An Expanse of Eons

Sera Waters: An Expanse of Eons

An Expanse of Eons is a seven-metre by five-and-a-half-metre ‘floorpaper’, created specifically for the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre foyer by South Australian artist Sera Waters. Across her practice, Waters uses traditional craft and home-making … Continued

2021 Specks

Artist Statement

I imagine the atmosphere of now is full of specks; specks of the past, specks of data, specks of living matter, specks of stuff. Specks link to others to make threads, then tangles, then whole interconnected networks, that … Continued

2019 Dazzleland

Artist Statement

My ancestors arrived in waves upon Australian shores attracted by the dazzle of this land: its sunshine, mineral booms, grassed open spaces, and new opportunities to build rich lives. In making their homes and living across Australia, particularly … Continued

2019 Going Round in Squares, Ararat Gallery TAMA

Artist Statement

Going Round in Squares

The artworks of Going Round in Squares explore ideas around the grids and boundary lines which have governed life in Australia since colonisation. Roads, fence lines, walls, furniture and even social boundaries, reinforce ways … Continued

2017 Domestic Arts, ACE Open

This exhibition subverts and unravels the baggage-laden yet wondrous category of making once labelled ‘domestic arts’ (often a.k.a. ‘women’s work’). Perceived regularly as mundane or sentimental, home-making expressions are reworked in Domestic Arts to show not only the knotty tangles … Continued

2016 Illusions of History

Illusions of History

These works are the result of reckoning Australian colonial histories, particularly those parts of pasts which are challenging, ambiguous, genealogically linked, and reveal documented histories to be a more complex tangle than is otherwise acknowledged. Together these … Continued

2013 Crystal Palace, Flinders Museum

2014 135th Meridian East, Australian Experimental Art Foundation

Selected Works

2014 Ghostscapes, Fontanelle Gallery

Ghostscapes, Fontanelle Gallery, Adelaide.

I live here, in South Australia, as have some of my ancestors for nearly 180 years. Like them, I am not a homemaker but a settler. I build and stitch makeshift ‘homes’ atop this ancient land … Continued