2022 Wet from a moonlight swim

‘Wet from a moonlight swim’ by Belinda Howden

Having feet is correlated with walking, but I can walk on my hands if I want to…[1]

Sam Gold’s fingertips trace the cliffs of Hallett Cove. Step by step, mark by … Continued

2021 Primavera

Sam Gold’s most ambitious body of work to date consists of ten ceramic sculptures of stoneware, porcelain, raku, and terracotta. Each challenged the artist in both scale and material; compounded by lockdowns and intermittent studio access, the works reflect this … Continued

2021 Common Elements, Dentons Fisher Jeffries

An exhibition showcasing clay practitioners affiliated with JamFactory’s ceramics studio.

JamFactory’s Ceramics Studio, along with its Glass, Furniture, and Jewellery and Metal studios, provide a two year skills and business Associate Program for artists and designers, as well as independent … Continued

Selected Works

Sam Gold