2022 Tempest

“A tempestuous noise of thunder and lightning heard.”
– Act 1, Scene 1, The Tempest, William Shakespeare, 1607-1611

Sally Bourke’s Tempest is about love, loss and weathering the storm. In the same way that Shakespeare plunged his audiences into the … Continued

2019 The Quick Brown Fox

Artist Statement

Travelling in remote areas as a child taught me to look carefully. The places I went felt isolating and, at times, dangerous. I used to tag along on hunting trips with my dad in order to be closer … Continued

2018 Beyond Reason, QUT

2018 Things are perfect for now

Selected Works

2018 Tall Tales and True

Artist Statement

Tall Tales and True by Sally Bourke is a container for oral histories with unbelievable elements. The narrator seems to have been included in its stories. The silent glances of the characters belie the gravity of its heroes. … Continued

Sally Bourke