2020 Pigeon

Simply titled ‘Pigeon’, this striking public commission sits in good company close to Bert Flugelman’s ‘Spheres’ and Lyndon Dadswell’s ‘Progress.’

‘Pigeon’ is the world’s first large-scale, permanent public artwork of the internationally omnipresent bird. It is also Paul’s first major … Continued

2020 Animal Kingdom

Paul Sloan’s Animal Kingdom (2020) measures the beauty, absurdity and looming threat of the animal world using the slide rules of grayscale, hermeticism, and anthropomorphic projection. A cat emerges from inky darkness. A long-tailed tit stares at the viewer, poised … Continued

2017 If it keeps on raining the levee’s gonna break

2016 Illusions of History


2015 CACSA Contemporary

2014 World Index with Dan McLean

2014 World Index with Dan McLean, State Library of South Australia

2014 Knowing the Interior, Adelaide Festival Centre

2010 The New New, CACSA Contemporary

2014 New Bounty