2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Free/State


Artist Text Bradley Vincent

Wong’s works examine the almost-complete corporatisation of many veins of spirituality and their takeover by the churning world of late capitalism, where they are subsumed into a landscape awash with self-help books, mindfulness centres and … Continued

2018 Born to give not to get

Artist Statement

Born to give not to get examines the commodification of the spiritual self through high performing branding and prescriptive spiritual accessories such as yoga, activewear and affirmative phrases. The installation sits inside an ‘interior’, referencing gym equipment and … Continued

2022 Purple Haze

Artist Statement

Purple haze is an ongoing investigation into acts of ritual, spiritual intent and mediated spaces within domestic settings. Purple Haze adapts interior design strategies to sculptural forms to make them into functional objects in which the viewer can … Continued

Min Wong