2018 From Will to Form, TarraWarra Biennial

2013 6 Months, 2 Weeks

2017 Photogenic Drawing

Justine Varga on Maternal Line

What is the transaction that takes place when a photographic portrait is made? This question is key to understanding Maternal Line, a photograph I made earlier this year and submitted to the Olive Cotton … Continued

2016 Silver and Salt, Hazelhurst Gallery

2016 Memoire


Made without a camera and over extended periods, my photographs embody a particular intersection of time and place, offering an autobiographical witnessing of the world, a memoire, rather than mere acts of representation. These photographs come into being as … Continued

2015 Accumulate

Unforeseen Phenomena

Chris Abrahams

I was honoured to have been asked by Justine to write something about her most recent work. She had heard me perform with my group The Necks at Café Oto in London in 2014, and felt … Continued

2014 Sounding Silence

Justine Varga: Sounding Silence

In Justine Varga’s photographs, legibility and abstraction coalesce. Her subjects are shy, slipping in and out of visibility. Even those recognizable forms that creep into her work remain guarded. Varga deifies quiet gestures and unassuming objects; … Continued

2010 29 Palms

Unfamiliar Works,  Justine Varga.

Justine has come into a town 29 Palms and set her camera on things that only an outsider may notice. An empty pool at night with it’s surface disturbed by a slight wind, the aperture of … Continued

2009 Empty Studio

2012 Moving Out