2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres

Artist Statement

Stories of metamorphosis and hybridity, the bastions of the monstrous, have permeated my work in various ways for many years. I am fascinated by the notion of transformation and that critical point at which a bodily change takes … Continued

Selected Works

2019 The National: New Australian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Julia Robinson | by Jenna McKenzie, 2019

Cold, dusty skin swells, ballooning outwards from the perfectly round aperture of a gourd. Tongue or tendril, shoot or sprig, a shock of blue-smocked fabric emanates from an amniotic abyss. Coiled and wrapped, … Continued

2017 Long Ballads, Ideas Platform, Artspace

2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Dark Heart

2015 One to rot and one to grow, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia

Dancing and Dying | Lisa Slade, 2015

In Corlata in northern Romania, not far from Ukraine, there lingers a new-year ritual where individuals don deer masks and antlers, and, for several days, repeat a performance of ceremonial dancing and dying. … Continued

2016 Structure for navigating an unknown afterlife

Julia Robinson