2019 After Nature, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

2017 Art Gallery of New South Wales

2017 Phytophilia

2016 The Underlying, The 56th Belgrade October Salon

The Underlying, The 56th Belgrade October Salon: The Pleasure of Love – Curated by David Elliott

The 56th October Salon in Belgrade, The Pleasure of Love: Transient Emotion in Contemporary Art will featured Janet Laurence alongside fellow Australian artist Tracy … Continued

2016 Frágil, Cuenco Biennale Ecuador

Our lives with Plants

The lives of plants form such huge overwhelming mass of systems into which we are totally interwoven and dependant for our own lives. Their biochemical intelligence is possibly the secret to our survival on the planet. … Continued

2016 H2O: Water Bar, Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sydney

2015 UNFCCC/COP21 & Artists 4 Paris Climate, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, France

Janet Laurence’s Deep Breathing (Resuscitation for the Reef) is exhibiting at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris until 14 December, for the Climate Change Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Convention, also referred to as … Continued

Selected Works

2010 Sydney Biennale, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

2014 Residue


If we could hear … the call of those who are slipping out of life forever. There we might encounter a narrative emerging from extinctions, a level of blood that connects us …[i]

This show brings together works … Continued