2022 10 Green Bottles

“Dodd’s acrylic paintings explore the tension between the vibrancy of colours and stillness of meditation. The broad colour palettes evoke an emotional response…

…The meditative nature of each piece is enhanced by subtle, circular applications of paint across the canvas … Continued

2021 Low Pressure System

James Dodd and Henry Jock Walker are excited to present a suite of recent artworks.

Low Pressure System brings together a collection of ongoing investigations and will include a new teamwork exploration.  Whilst having shared many art adventures together, this … Continued

2018 Miller

The Miller’s Thumb

The miller is a person who operates a mill, a machine traditionally employed to grind cereal into flour.  Milling is one of the oldest human occupations.  The mill, in essence, is any machine that processes materials via … Continued

2017 Dream Machines, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

2016 A Chat with Fred

2014 SABOTAGE, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia

From Logan Macdonald’s ‘Against the Grain’

For SABOTAGE, we see the artist invest a refreshed set of nuances upon his continued explorations of creative actions found in public space. With a chop shop mindset and DIY pragmatism, Dodd has created … Continued

2015 CACSA Contemporary

James Dodd’s Painting Mill prototype at CACSA Contemporary 2015.

2015 Pigment High

Pigment High

James Dodd’s long term references have been the marks, names and scrawl that proliferate our various urban and suburban environments. These hand made residues are often the results of small-scale social transgressions such as the act or statement … Continued

Selected Works

2013 Tip of the Iceberg