2019 Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe, La Biennale di Venezia

Addressing the question: what was our planet three billion years ago? The installation Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe is a South Australian collaboration by artists James Darling and Lesley Forwood, Jumpgate, composer Paul Stanhope, and the Australian String … Continued

2018 Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe

Artist Statement

It was a cloudless, high-summer’s day when Lesley and I, following the neighbouring farmer’s instructions, found our way in the ute to the edge of Lake Hawdon South, two ranges inland from the coast of South Australia between … Continued

2005 The Esplanade National Performing Arts Centre, Singapore

2007 Wonderful World, Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art

2003 Empathy: Beyond the Horizon, Artspace, Sydney

2002 – 2003 Australian Embassy, Paris, France



2000 Chemistry: South Australian Art 1900 – 2000, Art Gallery of South Australia

2014 Sign of the Times

Artist Statement

Radiation is a universal and evolutionary presence.
It can kill and it can cure.
Radiation alerts us to the paradoxical world in which we live.
Human use of radiation is inevitably a calculated risk.
As dependence on technology … Continued

2002 Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain

2006 Paris Summer Festival, La Défense, Paris, France