2021 Time Feeling Slippy

Artist Statement

I’ve been building a world in my mind for a long time now. Playing around… Some curious drifting.

Sometimes I feel like a well-resourced professional child when it comes to play.

I like to zoom right out and … Continued

2019 Hello Blue Sky

Artist Statement

Hello blue sky.

It has been ten years since I first exhibited with Hugo Michell Gallery in Adelaide. We use time as a marker, for obvious reasons, and this milestone has had me wondering whether I’ve spent more … Continued

2018 Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia

Better known by the nom de guerre Ghostpatrol, David Booth first entered his ‘other place’ growing up in Hobart in the 1980s. Feeling geographically isolated, he set about constructing a universe of his mind’s making. Through drawings, paintings and sculpture, … Continued

2017 Drift Time

In David Booth’s Drift Time we travel through an indeterminate space; a series of memories, premonitions and alternate worlds. Our guiding protagonists are a representation of Booth himself under various guises, and with them they have brought relics of the … Continued

2015 Spaceship of the Mind

2013 Scale Meditator

2010 True Adventures

2011 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

2012 Horizon

David Booth [Ghostpatrol]